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About Us

Locksmith Auburn is one of the few family businesses in the area to offer quality locksmiths services. Our company comes from a very long tradition of professionals that chose this lovely town as their home.
Established in 1963, right after Boeing opened its local steel mill facilities, we started offering door installation services and lock set maintenance for small homes. As our reputation grew, so did the services we were able to provide. During the early 80´s competition in the area became intense, so we designed a rigorous screening procedure to make sure we hired the best professionals. We also opened a successful training program that soon brought positive results. That was the decade we started servicing many of the biggest companies that looked for a safe place to do business in.
The continuous growth of commerce in the area, really posed a challenge to all small businesses that wanted to keep up with rapid technological and demographic changes. Auburn has been identified by the Department of Commerce as one of the Innovation Partnership Zones in Washington State. So there has been an increase in the demand for more and better security and safety products by companies of all kinds and sizes. This has meant a lot of pressure in the locksmith industry to keep up with the latest technologies.
During the late nineties, locksmith Auburn was forced to turn to a new business approach. After some years of struggling, the new business model finally allowed us to maintain personalized service for their loyal customers, while giving it enough flexibility to grow along with the city.
Locksmith Auburn is today the most trusted locksmith company in the area and is currently trying to expand its scope to cover a wider area around Auburn, even as far as Tacoma or Seattle.